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Whatever type of water problem you have Aqua Soft Water Conditioning has the equipment, service and expertise that can help you have the best quality water.

Our certified water quality specialists will conduct FREE Water Testing and then recommend the best water treatment solution for your needs.

Contact us today to have a Water Treatment Specialist
consult with you on your Water Needs!


Hard Water:
  • Consisting of Calcium & Magnesium, Hard Water Scales Piping and Fixtures
  • Shortens Life of Appliances and Water Heaters
  • Spots Dishes and Shower Doors, etc.
  • Requires Much More Soap & Detergents to Make Suds & Clean Properly
Hard Water
  • Present is ALL County Waters
  • Oxidizes All Rubber Components, Shortening Life of Fixtures & Appliances
  • Causes Foul "Medicinal" Taste
  • H2S is a Gas Commonly Found in Southwestern Florida Ground Water
  • Has Pungent "Rotten Egg" Odor
  • Is Very Corrosive to Copper Pipes, Fixtures and even your Air Conditioning Coils.


  • Iron is Commonly Found in Southwester Florida Ground Water
  • Creates Brown Stains on Everything Contacting the Water
  • Stains in Very Low Concentrations
  • Creates "Metallic" Taste & Odor
  • Tannic Acid is From Decayed Organic Matter & is Commonly Found in Southwestern Florida Ground Water
  • Gives Water an Unpleasant Yellow Color
Total Dissolved Solids:
  • TDS is a Total Count of All Dissolved Solids Found in Your Water.
  • Higher TDS Produces Unpleasant Tasts and Mineral Deposits on All Surfaces it Comes in Contact With.
  • Higher Concentrations Leave Deposits on All Surfaces Contacted by the Water

Contact us today to have a Water Treatment Specialist
tackle your Water Problems!

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