About Aqua-Soft Water Conditioning

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About Aqua-Soft Water Conditioning

For over four decades, Roger King, president and chief water consultant of Aqua-Soft Water Conditioning, has gained an in-depth understanding of Southwest Florida's groundwater. As the oldest independent water conditioning company in the Venice, Sarasota, and Bradenton area, we are proud to be a Certified Member of the Water Quality Association.

Our commitment is to help you achieve the finest water quality in your home or business straight from the ground—no bottles needed. As a locally owned and operated company, we are fully licensed and insured, providing service on all makes and models of water conditioning equipment. Our offerings include repairs, installations, water system inspections, and free water testing.

Meet Matthew King

Matthew King is the service manager and water consultant at Aqua-Soft Water Conditioning. He has been working alongside his father, Roger King, learning the water treatment industry from the bottom up for over 14 years. Matthew understands the importance of personalized service and strong customer communication, which are essential to upholding our high business standards. These standards have kept Aqua-Soft in business since 1956.

Comprehensive Water Solutions

Our diverse selection of water treatment equipment includes water softeners, water filters, water chlorinators, dechlorinators, drinking water systems, aerators, pumps, and other equipment designed to address a variety of water quality issues. Whether your water comes from a well in North Port or a municipal source in Lakewood Ranch, Aqua-Soft Water Conditioning has the expertise and solutions to ensure your family or business receives the best possible water treatment.

Certified Technicians and Water Specialists

Our team of service and installation technicians have over 20 years of field experience and are certified experts in their field. All office staff are WQA Certified Water Specialists, ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have about current water treatment systems.

Replacement Parts and Services

Aqua-Soft Water Conditioning offers a complete line of replacement parts and filters for our over-the-counter customers. We provide sales, service, rentals, and automatic delivery of salt and/or chemicals. Take advantage of our low pick-up salt prices and our "Buy 10, Get 1 Free" program.

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Prior to Upgrade: Legacy Water Conditioning System

After Upgrade: Enhanced Water Conditioning System

Before Replacement: Old Water Conditioning System

After Replacement: New Water Conditioning System